GameOn Technology is now ON: Powering AI Experiences for the World's Largest Brands

After nine years of building trust with the biggest brands in the world as GameOn Technology, we’re thrilled to share the latest milestone on our journey – we’ve rebranded to ON! 

Our evolution from GameOn to ON is the realization of our vision for an enterprise-grade AI platform built to support global brands at scale across a wide variety of industries. When we announced our Series B funding last year, we made it clear that this was the next step for our company, and this new brand identity sets us up to bring our trailblazing conversational AI offering to a host of new brand partners.  

Where We Go From Here:

Under this new brand identity, we are gearing up to leverage years of success in the sports sector to expand our footprint in sports and e-commerce, while also diversifying into consumer banking, healthcare, and legal. 

Our ambition is to construct the world's premier vertical AI/SaaS platform to immediately empower leading global brands with the tools and expertise needed to monetize generative AI and operate it within secure guardrails. AI has been part of the fabric of ON since our inception in 2014, and we’re eager to initiate a new era of chat – one powered by the ON Platform's ability to safely and seamlessly integrate generative AI for businesses. 

From Our CEO:

 "ON has been a trailblazer in innovation, turning conversational AI into a potent revenue-generating asset. As we embrace our new identity, we are thrilled to embark on a journey that will significantly amplify our influence within the generative AI space," stated Alex Beckman, CEO and co-founder of ON. "Companies have poured substantial resources into AI research and development, often without a clear path to effective implementation and monetization. With the ON platform, businesses spanning diverse industries can now confidently establish deeper and more impactful connections with their consumers." 

About ON:

ON is a leading AI chat platform designed for enterprise-level use, known for seamlessly powering generative AI experiences used by some of the world's largest and most well-known brands. Established in 2014 and headquartered in San Francisco, the ON platform enables its partners —  including Valentino, Armani, teams from the NBA, NFL, NHL, and more — to create new and sustainable revenue streams backed by AI while connecting with their customers and fans.

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