Welcome to the All-New AI-Powered GameOn Platform!

Today we are announcing the launch of our all-new AI platform featuring live chat functionality and an explosive generative AI integration, delivering on our promise to drive unparalleled results for the world's top brands.

GameOn is best known for providing automated, human-like chat responses to 90% of our partners’ inbound messages. Pretty good, right? But how about the other 10%? While automated chat FAQs are now table stakes for brands of all sizes, we also know that sometimes, it’s most meaningful to connect with a live agent. 

That is why today we are announcing the launch of our live chat feature, allowing consumers and fans to receive the richest and most personalized automated chat experience that GameOn is known for, and now have the ability to speak with a customer support person in real time who can help ensure the best consumer experience possible. This advancement makes the GameOn platform an all-in-one solution for brands of all sizes, including partners like the New York Yankees, Valentino, and the Las Vegas Aces, to manage inbound conversations with consumers at scale.

Today we’re equally excited to share our progress in bringing bold and responsible Generative AI to our platform. While AI chat may be new to some, GameOn has been utilizing AI technology since its inception in 2014 with the goal of offering our partners the ability to deepen engagement with consumers through personalized content. We are doubling-down on our mission by adding a Generative AI layer to our platform. 

Our private GenAI beta program with both retail and sports partners is showing extraordinary results, including a staggeringly low 2% error rate on important consumer questions like ticketing, game-day support and even fashion advice. This agnostic, no-code generative AI-powered chat solution is rooted in safe and secure responses in order to meet the highest quality standards of our global brand partners. 

We plan to expand the program into an open beta in Q3 of this year with select partners. If you’re a new or existing GameOn partner, we’re happy to add you to the waiting list. 

While today marks a milestone in our company’s growth in technology, our vision remains the same: Provide easy to use, consumer friendly solutions for our partners to drive important KPIs in revenue, engagement and loyalty by simply connecting everyday people with the brands they love most. 

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