GameOn delivered a custom chat solution that required zero ongoing management, launching the foundation for a new channel of fan communication.

An authentic personality that is Arsenal

Arsenal FC is a professional football club based in Islington, London, England, that plays in the Premier League, the top-flight of English football. With over 200 years of history, the Gunners digital marketing team has consistently focused on innovation, embracing new technologies to engage an incredibly loyal fanbase while expanding their reach to new audiences around the world.

Arsenal partnered with GameOn to increase brand engagement with fans through an innovative, and uniquely personalized messaging experience.

A deep connection with the individual fan

Arsenal wanted to create an authentic 1:1 relationship directly with fans by owning interactions from start to finish. This required a user experience that provided content and value to a wide range of fans types, felt natural to the user, and had an authentic and relatable Arsenal voice. Arsenal also aimed to grow their viewership and better understand the specific types of content and interactions their fans find most engaging. This required a flexible and evolving set of features that make it easy to track reach, understand engagement, and measure the success of changes within targeted user groups.


Engagement on match days

Driven by a combination of accessible real-time content and personalized broadcast experiences.


Of users become WAUs

Weekly active users helped to generate an average of over 1M messages per week within the first 6 months.


Was sent over 100K times

Exemplifies the positive sentiment and connection users created with the Arsenal experience.


The industry average CTR

Web content shared in bot contributed to a significant increase in traffic to strategic Arsenal web properties.


GameOn and Arsenal created a personality driven chat experience in only four weeks that allowed fans to connect intimately with the brand on their own terms. The experience made an immediate impact on fan engagement, especially on match days as fans around the world leveraged the real-time broadcast content from an Arsenal perspective. GameOn and Arsenal were able to gather insights from interaction data almost immediately, deploying a range of new features over the first few months that spoke directly to the behavior of its users in chat. The Arsenal chatbot is available on the following channels:

We're constantly looking at ways to bring fans content that makes their experience even more entertaining. Working with GameOn to craft the bot is the next step in us developing a hub for fans that feels intuitively part of the Arsenal voice and experience. Fans feel a personal connection to Arsenal, and Al is more important than ever for us to give fans a personalised experience.
Tom Hines
Senior Content Manager
Arsenal Media

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